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Body Skin tightening after pregnancy and weight loss or due to aging

Rapid or excessive weight loss due to post-pregnancy, dieting and exercise or fluctuations in fat volume can result in massive folds of excess skin. As the body gains weight, the skin stretches and adapts to the additional fat deposits. However, after weight loss occurs, the skin often remains stretched, resulting in loose and sagging skin.

Viora's ReFit Body Treatment after pregnancy

How many treatments are required:

4-12 sessions, every 2 to 4 weeks depending on skin quality and clients age.

P5 Slimming and Contouring treatment


Viora’s ReFit treatment, offers the most up to date system and technology for non-invasive body contouring skin tightening treatments.

Safe RF energy is delivered to strengthen skin’s elasticity, restore collagen flexibility and improve the skin’s firmness. ReFit treatment is suitable for all skin types with no anesthesia or downtime required.

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