P5 Slimming and Contouring treatment



In just 75 minutes, reinvent yourself with a one of a kind body wrap treatment, designed to sculpt your figure, burn fat and reduce unwanted curves.

PHYTOMER introduces its cutting-edge slimming formula, LOTION P5, blending potent marine ingredients for a slimming  and contouring effect.

 To boost the slimming effect of LOTION P5, PHYTOMER puts its expertise into the hands of the best spa professionals with an extraordinary slimming treatment.

P5 Slimming and Contouring treatment

4 steps and to slim your figure:

  • Full body exfoliation 
  • A remodeling massage sculpts the contours of the body. 
  • Lotion P5 refines curves
  • An algae jam body wrap tones the skin
P5 Slimming and Contouring treatment

Proven results after just 4 sessions: An 11% waist reduction and an 8% reduction in thigh width.*

*Clinical results on 22 women after 4 P5 SLIMMING treatments with application of P5 LOTION twice a day for 15 days.

This treatment can be performed as a one time treatment for all its well-being effects. For optimal slimming and contouring effects, a course of 6 treatments is recommended once or twice per week, depending on your objectives.
This treatment can be combined with other treatments and technologies such as Endermologie.

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